Father’s Day

Father’s Day is this weekend; are you prepared with what you’re getting dad? You could always go for the typical “world’s greatest dad” coffee mug or something simple, but if you really want to show him you care, a little thought into his interests and hobbies and go a long way – without you needing to break the bank. Sports tickets or golf gift cards tend to be a good idea, and if you have a bit extra to spend, an engraved watch can also be special. Whatever it is you’re getting, make sure to shop smart (and maybe keep the receipt).


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Summer Finances

If you wanna be ahead of the game this coming autumn season, it may be time to think about how you handle your finances this summer. While everyone is out on summer vacation, you could take some proactive steps to help jump-start your future and build your career. MCG could be one of those steps! In the meantime:

Summer To-Do #1: Revamp Your Online Bios

Summer To-Do #2: Liven Up Your LinkedIn Page

Summer To-Do #3: Request a Mid-Year Evaluation

Summer To-Do #4: Take Your Networking Outdoors

Summer To-Do #5: Fill in for Vacationing Co-workers

Summer To-Do #6: Schedule Informational Interviews

Summer To-Do #7: Start a Career Journal


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Wealth Inequality

Could it be that wealth inequality really isn’t as bad as people believe it to be? That’s what some seem to think; specifically that an unequal financial distribution might work to spark ambition and earning capacities in the general population. What do you think?


Regardless, if an increase in wealth is what you’re looking for, look no farther than MCG.

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Small Business Confidence

The economy should be doing well in the months ahead, thanks to May’s small business confidence report, suggesting a rise in 1.4 points since late last year. The upbeat confidence survey added to robust May employment and automobile sales reports that have suggested the economy was gaining momentum after a slow start to the second quarter. Gross domestic product contracted in the first quarter.


Your business could also reach new highs with MCG!

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Dad’s Real Estate Tips

Father’s day is just around the corner, and real estate advice from dad happens to be relevant again in today’s market. There are many factors to take into account, especially if you’re in the neighborhood to buy a new home. Things like home appreciation and equity, loan shopping and property value are good to take into account. In summation, here are some friendly tips:

1.) Never buy the costliest home on the block

2.) Don’t buy more than you can afford

3.) Don’t take the first loan you’re offered

4.) Don’t borrow every penny you qualify for

5.) Do it right or don’t do it


Read more here: http://www.bankrate.com/finance/real-estate/homebuying-tips-from-dad-1.aspx?ic_id=Top_Financial%20News%20Center_link_1


Cybercrime & Your Business

The rise of technology over the years has also brought the equivalent rise in cyber crime – many of such attacks aimed directly at small businesses and companies. Because the internet is so widespread and far-reaching, it’s not enough just to be cautious anymore; you have to be proactive as well in your security.  Statistically speaking, approximately 70% of businesses faced with cyber attacks plummet to their demise in a mere few months. That may sound dramatic, and of course attaining 100% security is always impossible, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

So, what can you do exactly? Encrypting safe data and testing assumptions by working with security experts is a great start, and can save you  a lot of headache in advance.


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Winning Ticket

Imagine having a winning lottery ticket without knowing, then having your car broken into and being stolen from – yet the ticket miraculously overlooked. Sound a bit too good to be true, right? That’s what happened to one Seattle couple, who left their (unknowing) winning $1 million dollar lotto ticket next to a pair of sunglasses. Unfortunately for them, the sunglasses were stolen. Fortunately though, they’ll probably be able to afford a few more with their winning million, among other things. Sounds like lady luck smiled on them twice that day; meanwhile the thief is no doubt somewhere kicking himself.


What would  you do with a winning ticket? MCG could easily be yours.

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Financial SPF

This summer it’s all about SPF – the financial kind, anyway, an acronym meant to remind you of the importance of three financial fundamentals: save, protect, fund.


Have you been assessing your SPF?

Take the quiz here: http://www.learnvest.com/2015/05/financial-basics-you-need-to-cover/


Billionaire Secrets

UBS and PwC researched 1,300 of the world’s billionaires through surveys, case studies and academic research, and interviewed 30 of them to find common personality traits. They released their 2015 Billionaire Report on Tuesday, in which it said there are three personality traits that are “essential” for entrepreneurial success and reaching a 10-figure fortune:

1.) Smart risk taking

2.) Instinct for asymmetrical opportunities

3.) Recovery from failure


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Summer Budgeting

Is your budgeting in check this summer? Here’s what some people are doing:

Summer Savings Tip #1: Kick Off a ‘Coin Challenge’

Summer Savings Tip #2: Make Money on Your Home

Summer Savings Tip #3: Soak Up Some Sun—by Freezing Your Gym Membership

Summer Savings Tip #4: Start a ‘Nanny Camp’

Summer Savings Tip #5: Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for a Hotel Discount

Summer Savings Tip #6: Make a Long-Term Investment in ‘Free’ Entertainment

Summer Savings Tip #7: Hack Your Energy Usage


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Have a great weekend!