Stan Bril is the owner of MCG. Mr. Bril took it upon himself to create MCG in 2009.  Mr. Bril has been involved in the lending and real estate industry since 2003 as he began a successful mortgage banking career.

MCG has demonstrated its commitment to community development through business and commercial lending since its inception in 2009.  MCG is a Commercial Lender in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania of United States, of both conventional and non-conventional loans. This type of lending directly impacts the local community by stimulating numerous economic sectors and creating opportunities for the local business community.

MCG has established pristine reputation with the Pennsylvania Department of Banking, which is also indicated by the A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

MCG is a non-depository Commercial Lender in Pennsylvania, as well as a Correspondent Lender in 48 states in the US and Europe, with 8 office locations, including in California, Georgia, Florida, Massachusetts,  Pennsylvania, New York, London, and Barcelona.

In doing so, MCG was helping the American Dream to be realized and achieves by those who are willing to work as hard as MCG was working on their behalf. MCG provided the funding, a common link, without which no business can sustain itself, but even more importantly it built a network of businesses and organizations that simply put, benefited from helping each other achieve their individual goals. As a Commercial Lender in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and as a Correspondent lender in other 48 US states and Europe, has collaborated with thousands of investors, businesses, manufacturing companies, and organizations, and provided funding to businesses, that helped them expand their operations, create thousands of jobs, and take advantage of opportunities they otherwise not be able to bring to fruition.

Our Mission is to explore and open new avenue for local communities and business owners to obtain funding, grow their businesses, expand opportunity in each local area and unlock the hidden potential one community at a time.